We offer consultancy services for the setting up of business plans, feasibility studies, obtaining funding for investments, accessing grants from EU funds - European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development (EFARD), European Fisheries Fund (EFF), SOP (Sectorial Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness), Regional Operational Programme (ROP), SOP Transport and SOP Human Resources. 

We stand by our clients in developing investment projects, the verification of project implementation in accordance with the methodology for financing structural funds until the last request for payment. 

A successful financing project entirely the customer's merit - he is the one who takes decisions, who takes risks and puts his resources into play. Our role is to show him the paths available and to provide specific work tools.

For structural funds, B.M. CONSULT offers the following services:

  •  eligibility analysis and recommendations / solutions;

  • advice for obtaining necessary permits; 

  • setting up of the feasibility studies, business plans, financial projections and financial analysis; 

  • advice and assistance in the process of obtaining a co-financing loan;

  • preparation of funding application; 

  • economic advice during implementation, project management; 

  • assistance at the signing of the contract with the financing institution; 

  • organising procurement procedures and setting up procurement files; 

  • procurement monitoring and preparation of payment applications.

The success of a project for structural funds requires laborious work and expertise and is based on a series of rigorous criteria to be met exactly.

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